Naphtha CFR Japan

Grade Port Amount Price Diffrence
PP Film Nhava Sheva
PP Injection Nhava Sheva
PP Raffia Nhava Sheva
HDPE Film Nhava Sheva
HDPE Injection Nhava Sheva
HDPE Blow Nhava Sheva
LDPE Film Nhava Sheva
LLDPE Film Nhava Sheva
PVC Suspension Nhava Sheva
EVA 18% Nhava Sheva
GPPS Nhava Sheva
HIPS Nhava Sheva
ABS Nhava Sheva
PET Nhava Sheva
Grade Port Amount Price Diffrence
PP Film HCM, Vietnam
PP Injection Indonesia
PP Raffia HCM, Vietnam
HDPE Film HCM, Vietnam
HDPE Injection Indonesia
HDPE Blow Indonesia
HDPE Raffia HCM, Vietnam
LDPE Film HCM, Vietnam
LLDPE Film HCM, Vietnam
PVC Suspension HCM, Vietnam
EVA 18% HCM, Vietnam
GPPS HCM, Vietnam
HIPS HCM, Vietnam
ABS HCM, Vietnam
PET HCM, Vietnam
Grade Port Amount Price Diffrence
PP Injection Houston
PP CP Houston
HDPE Film Houston
HDPE Injection Houston
HDPE Blow Houston
LDPE Film Houston
LLDPE Film Houston
PVC Suspension Houston
Grade City Amount Price Diffrence
PP Film Mumbai
PP Injection Mumbai
PP Raffia Mumbai
HDPE Film Mumbai
HDPE Injection Mumbai
HDPE Blow Mumbai
LDPE Film Mumbai
LLDPE Film Mumbai
PVC Suspension Mumbai
EVA 18% Mumbai
GPPS Mumbai

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